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Online Marketing 1-Day Intensive
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Get Your 2018 Full of Jobs & Sorted Now… 
Get the Right Marketing Sorted in Your Building Company So You Can Choose What Jobs You Take On, Gain a Great Gross Margin, Not Having to Compete on Price in 2018
  • Turn your website from an attractive brochure, into a job generating magnet...
  • Get a regular flow of ideal prospects and jobs eager to do business with you...
  • Get booked out 6-12 months in advance, just like Paul from Alpha1 Builders, Ross from BRS Ltd & many more of our clients
  • Learn what the top 5% of builders are doing right now online, to get jobs on autopilot, at a minimum of 20% Gross Profit
  • Fast track your results with proven plug & play templates (that won't cost you thousands, and are guaranteed to work first time, every time)
  • Stop paying the ignorance tax, find out what works right now, without having to throw a heap of money at what doesn't, and wait until something sticks
  • Land bigger jobs. Get rid of the Tyre Kickers
  • Do you want to make more profit per job?
  • Do you want to increase the number of jobs coming in, so you don't have to take the next job, at a low price & low margins? 
  • Do you want to be able to pick and choose the jobs you take, and turn down the decks, small renos, pricing, organising materials and stubbies that you spend a heap of time chasing up?
  • Do you get most of your jobs through word of mouth? This is an OK strategy, but hardly one to base your life and the bread and butter for your families lives on...
  • Are you sick of going from feast (heaps of work), to famine (nothing in the pipeline) and wondering where your guys are going to be in four weeks time, but don't know what to put in place to cut the famine out forever?
  • Do you want to put the right marketing systems into your business, so it’s working for you 24/7 365 days of the year, automatically?
  • Did you know that doing 10 big jobs a year, compared to 40 small jobs, requires quarter the amount of stress, admin costs and risks... at this workshop you're going to be shown exactly how to get $250,000+ consistently... 
This December, an elite unit of Building Company Owners are going to meet for a Workshop with me. We don't just learn. We do. It's not a seminar where you sit and listen. It's a workshop, where myself and my team roll up our sleeves with our Mastermind members and we get your online marketing IMPLEMENTED.  

This is your EXCLUSIVE Invitation to learn from the Top 5% of New Zealand Builders, to take the proven nuts & bolts system and plug it into your business, to guarantee 2018 is your best year yet....
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$497+gst (FULL PRICE)
Early Bird $295+gst (*Until Friday, Nov 24th)
*SPECIAL for TidyBuild &
The Professional Builder VIP List
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(09) 368 1036
NB: The room at Villa Maria only holds 65 people - and Our Last Three Workshops Sold Out...
Special Guests & Speakers
Darryn Wilkie  - (formerly of Landmark Homes Queenstown)
Darryn Wilkie
former owner of Landmark Homes Queenstown
Darryn will cover how he grew his company to $10M turnover in 4.5 years and then successfully sold it. 

Darryn will cover: 
1) The helicopter view of a business
2) His 5 year strategic plan 
3) The most important areas to focus on for success

David Pow Tabain  - Action & Online Expert
Russell Clark  - Team, Onsite & Systems Guru
Russell Clark 
Licensed Renovations
Sitting on the BPM Advisory panel, Russ is accessible to all members to help out with growing a team, onsite problems and the finer points of the day-to-day onsite running of jobs. 

He's built a team to 56, gone bankrupt and has now come back to be earning more money with 12 guys than he was with all 56. Here to give you the low down on what needs to be avoided when growing your building company, Russ is available to help you grow without the trial and error. 

Covering everything onsite, including the ultimate sales process of how to charge for quotes, and how to grow a team, the national face of BCITO, owner of Licensed Renovations and Chief Advisor for onsite problems to the BPM community, Russ is your must watch at this event. 
David Pow Tabain
Dave is a small town country born and bred Electrician who has defied all odds to become one of Australia's most influential Trainers, Motivational Speakers and Leader in the Organic Marketing & Relationship Building for Businesses space.
His drive is un-matched in the Industry and has lead to him Winning 1 x World Championships, 1 x World Record, 7 x USA and 10 x Undefeated Australian Championships in the Grueling Sport of Kettlebell lifting whilst maintaining multiple Businesses of his own.

"POW" will cover how to use Facebook to turn your clients into raving fans and land more of your ideal jobs.  
Marti Amos  - Owner, TPB
Marti Amos
The Professional Builder
After lecturing on Marketing at Otago University, with an honours and master’s degree in marketing. Marti moved onto becoming Hondas Marketing Manager for NZ then country manager for Pirelli Tyres NZ.

Having worked for well-known companies and accomplishing a lot of his career goals Marti went on to build and successfully sell multiple businesses, before dedicating his energy, passion and knowledge to help building company owners create their own successful building companies, with more control, freedom and profit.

Marti will be talking about Conversion Amplification Strategies to Boost Leads.   
Cameron Upton  - Marketing Manager, TPB
Cameron Upton
The Professional Builder
Cameron is the marketing manager at TPB. Having completed a trade certificate in engineering to tick off the practical side he always had a passion for sales, online marketing and websites. After completing some of the best online training available, Cam was left with no-where to implement this knowledge and proceeded to start up a new online store. Taking it from concept to six figures in 3 months along with $120k of Facebook advertising spend from his own pocket seemed to prove these skills work. “Knowledge is not power without implementation”

Cam will be covering Google Adwords in a Nutshell - The 1200% Return On Investment Strategy.   
Owen Chambers  - Delivery Manager, TPB
Owen Chambers
The Professional Builder
Owen has been with the team since 2015. Since then he's helped TPB grow to where we are now… The provider of the best business trainings for residential building company owners in the world. Big call, but something we are always aiming for and regularly hitting. His key role is to help our members get the best results possible. He oversee the delivery of our coaching and training modules and help put together content that is actionable, understandable and most importantly gets results. You’ll likely see and meet him on our weekly sessions where we cover what’s working right now and answer frequent questions. If you miss him at these, then keep an eye out around Auckland, he’ll likely be out at a West coast beach or training for an upcoming event. The current goal is Coast 2 Coast as a 2-day individual in 2018.

Owen will be covering Complete Start 2 Finish Roadmap of Marketing Strategies.   
 TPB Member of the Quarter 

Watch this space as we will announce the Member of the Quarter soon...
What you're going to learn at the Online Marketing 1-Day Workshop...
In this workshop, I'm going to share what the top NZ Builders do differently to 
make sure they're getting a flood of leads (while on autopilot). They can pick and choose the jobs they want to take, at the price they deserve. 
  • Does your website bring you leads weekly, on autopilot? Or maybe you're like the other 97% of Kiwi building companies websites, which functions more like an online brochure?
  • Are you driving traffic to your website, and getting charged an arm and a leg to do so, but not getting many leads? Or maybe you are getting leads, but they are small jobs, with low margins?
What if you could walk into your office tomorrow, turn on your computer and have 2 or 3 decent leads ($250,000 jobs and up), sitting in your inbox - just like Ross from BRS LTD now does. Prior to coming to us,  Ross didn't have a website, was getting all of his jobs through word of mouth, going from feast to famine, then needing to take any job at a low gross profit, just to keep his guys busy... By using the plug and play strategies you're going to get full access to at this workshop, Ross is now 85% full up with work till halfway through 2018, getting a minimum gross profit of 25% on all his jobs, and was able to stop working nights, and weekends, so now spends more time with his young family.
Just like Ross Collins, when you have the plug & play strategies below, and get all your online elements right, this is guaranteed to change your life and your business. The best thing about it is, you only need to do it once... 
"We do new home extensions, we really focus on a niche market with new homes, in particular larger new homes in the 500k and above market in the South Auckland area.
The changes to our website have been huge. When we are recommended by other clients, they go on our website which basically cements them to wanting me to be their builder.
I can’t believe how much more free time I have got actually. The after hours were huge; late nights in the office, weekends seeing people but now my weekends are free, and have a lot more free time with the grandchildren. The computers are turned off at 5pm every night. Overall, heaps more free time and I can’t stress how valuable that is.
The number one thing I would have learnt would be how important systems in place really are, and to also set goals so stick by.”
Just like Brian Lofroth, who implemented systems to buy back his time, delegate his tasks and get his business working for HIM, not the other way round. You too can systemise your business using the strategies below and that we'll cover on the day... 
Check out some more results our Building Clients are having below, by implementing these online marketing strategies... Remember they were exactly like you when they came to us, in website shame (or had no website or online marketing happening at all)... We'll be going through all the ins-and-outs of what you need to have in your website, and cranking in your online marketing, to ensure your lead machine is completely automated, and pumping in the right kind of jobs, at the right margins for you (even while you sleep!)...
Here are some nitty-gritty bits we'll we going through at the Workshop on Friday the 1st of December;
The THREE core ONLINE MARKETING tools you need to get people to your website...
  • 1. Google Adwords - The key things you need to know about Google Adwords, to stop paying the ignorance tax. You can easily spend $500 a month on Adwords, and get 5 decent job leads... We'll show you how, and exactly who to go to, to get this in place and crushing it
  • 2. Remarketing - These are banners that stalk your prospects around for 90 days, with your logo and a call to action. This is a super cheap, sneaky strategy to get a heap more leads, and jobs in the door, we'll be going into depth about remarketing, and exactly how you can implement it straight away to get leads
  • 3. Facebook - The 2 key strategies you need to be using in Facebook, to fill yourself up with a heap more leads. P.S. It has nothing to do with your Facebook Page...
BRS Ltd Remarketing
Since implementing their remarketing, BRS Ltd have received 3-5 leads per week, all over $250,000 jobs. Remarketing is ridiculously cheap ($0.50c - $1.00 per click). 

At the Online Marketing day we'll be going into exactly how you can get this in place, to start stalking all your prospects that come to your site, so they have no other option, then to come to you to do their build.
Alpha1 Builders Remarketing
Since implementing their remarketing, Alpha1 have filled up their funnel, they are now 99% booked up for 2018 and have more then doubled the size of their business and team. As you can see here, they are offering a e-book, when you click on this banner you will be asked for your email address. Rather then driving them to enquire about a job, Alpha1 want to get peoples details, so they can marketing to them over and over again. At the Online Marketing day we'll be creating a simple e-book for you to put on your website, to get peoples details, and ensure your funnel is always full of leads.
The KEY conversion tools you need to get leads flooding in on autopilot...
  • How to get a website in place that gets people's details and generates automated job inquiries
  • The 3 key things to do to position yourself as the expert, so you can charge a higher price, be loaded up with leads, and pick and choose the jobs you want to take
  • Put a lead generation magnet together in the workshop, that entices people to give you their information, so you can keep in touch with them, until they're ready to build and market back to them
  • How to put an automated, email system in place, that automatically emails your prospects who are ready to buy in the next 3-12 months (Position yourself as the expert, automate your relationship with them).

Alpha1 Builders

Website Wins:
- 312 leads through the website, in a year (2016)
- 99% booked up with work for 2017
- Taken on another team, about to step off the tools completely
- Landing big jobs


Website Wins:
- 3 - 5 leads generated per week (all over $250,000 jobs)
- Booked out till May 2018
- Gross Profit of 25% minimum on all of their jobs, due to the positioning of the website

Stehr Bros Construction

Website Wins:
- Regular flow of quality jobs
- Can pick and choose the right jobs to take
- Can turn online marketing on and off as required

Lofroth Builders

Website Wins:
- in 2 months, got 3 $300,000+ job inquiries, two of which, contracts are getting signed now
 -  Got a $800,000 job
- Positioning them as the experts in their niche

Simpson Residential

Website Wins:
- Killer Welcome Video & Video Testimonials
- Preferred Builder of choice in Hokitika & Greymouth
- Takes Wednesdays off, doesn't work nights or weekends
- Doubled his business in 12 months, and massively increased profit
- Regular flow of quality work

Templeton Construction

Website Wins:
- Generated 2 major jobs out of their website
- Awesome for positioning them as the 'Go To' for new builds in Twizel
- Now running 10 jobs at once

Premier Renovations

Website Wins:
- Positions him as the expert in his niche.
- Integrates project management software to allow 24/7 access to clients and enhancing his Unique Selling Point
- Updated with his team allowing for continuous updates of testimonials, videos and photos

Licensed Renovations

Website Wins:
- Top Notch E-Book Videos
- Preferred Builder of choice in His Niche
- Takes regular days off to go fishing on his new jet ski
- over 75 E-Book downloads in the first month keeping his funnel full
- Regular flow of quality work allowing him to pick and choose

Cain Built

Website Wins:
- Generated 43 leads out of their website in the first 6 weeks

Sneak Peek.
Check out some of the awesome results builders are having implementing the
 marketing strategies you're going to learn at the workshop...
Check Out What Builders
Are Saying About Our Workshops.
Online Marketing Workshop
Villa Maria Estate, Auckland
Alvin Chisnall-
Sting Chen - 
Henry Brown & Co
John Mills - 
J L Mills Builder
Ian Shackelford - 
Elite Projects
Troy Davy - 
Davy Construction
Josh Tonise - Premier Renovations
Your FREE Gifts...
Plus, you’re also going to get over $2,091.00 worth of tested and proven, plug & play templates
 that you can implement straight away…
  • 1x Online Marketing Workshop Swipefile & Workbook - Examples and templates from some of the most successful Building Company websites in NZ for you to simply copy, paste & implement straight into your business (Valued at $995+gst).
  • The 14 Essentials Guide for a Killer Building Company Website - The 14 Key things you need in your website, to make sure it converts prospects on autopilot. Using these 14 strategies has pulled in over 1,312 leads so far this year for our clients (November 2017) (Valued at $297+gst)
  • Plug & Play Landing Page for Your Website - this plug & play landing page, is where you need to be driving all your online traffic. 95% of building companies send their traffic to their homepage. This is a mistake. You're 80% more likely to get someone details, or generate an inquiry using this exact template, you will be given on the day. This exact template increased inquiries by 700%, compared to sending prospects to a website homepage. (Valued at $799+gst)
  • The Top 151 Tips To Make An Extra $500-$1000 Per Job, Per Week - Earlier this year we sourced hundreds of tips from our members, people who attended our events and our online training's and then sorted the list down to 151 ways to improve profitability. What you'll walk away with is all 151 tips, and the top 27 ways to put more money into your back pocket. 
1 Epic Day. And the Clock is Ticking...
Because the workshop is so hands-on, seats are limited too. The rooms only hold 65 people...
Auckland, New Zealand
Friday 1st, December
Villa Maria Estate Vineyard
118 Mongomerie Road
Mangere, Auckland
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Talk of the town.
Check out what other building company owners are saying since having implemented these marketing systems & strategies you're going to learn at the workshop...
"Since implementing these strategies, we've just landed a $800,000 job, and now securing the $300,000+ reno's which is pretty big for us. The biggest thing I've learnt in the last 12 months is the importance of delegating”

Tamati Hawea, Premier Renovations
"Prior to finding out about these systems, my businesses felt like we were swimming in a pool of oil. The main difference now is, I don't work any weekends. I don't work in the evenings. I have a lot more family time, less stress. Even though we have more jobs on, and a more than double the profit coming in"
Ross Collins, BRS Ltd
"We've been able to systemise the business, bring on an extra team, and run multiple jobs simultaneously. I'm nearly ready to step off the tools completely and focus solely on the growth of the business. We used to get 1 lead a month, now we get a minimum of 20 leads a month, since implementing a new website. We've now booked up 99% of work in 2016"
Paul Bateman, Alpha1 Builders
"if I’d known about them [systems] earlier by now I’d be a multi-millionaire sort of thing with the world as my oyster”

Phill Claffey, Character Building
" I've freed up about 20 hours a fortnight... By implementing subtle strategies I've also brought on 3 extra jobs in the last 6 months, that I usually would have gone 50/50 on"

Ray Sale, Haven Renovations
"Before we do anything now, we get the client to sign a design agreement and get them to pay a design deposit ($1880.00) upfront. I used to easily pick up 80 hours a week. Now i get home by dinnertime most nights, and stopped working Sundays. A lot more time with family, and even a little bit of fishing time.”
Gordon Sanson, Homeworx
"Since learning these systems we've doubled in size in 1 year. I finish at 5:00pm every day now, take Wednesdays off and don't do any weekend work. I also just got back from a holiday with the family in Fiji, and have already booked Fiji again for next year. Really proud, coz we also just landed our first Million Dollar new build ”
Hayden Simpson, Simpson Residential
"Since Marti, we've grown from 8 guys to 20. Taking on multiple jobs used to be hard, but it becomes easier to manage once you implement these systems and strategies..." Mat's just taken 6 months off to build his dream home.

Mat Staples, Repair & Restore
"... after implementing these systems, we now have a company we're proud of, and can get our team excited about running..." "We are now working less and surfing more..."

Warren & Blair, Walker Adolph Homes
"We now have 15 staff and will keep on growing since we have put theses procedures and systems in place, everything is becoming a lot easier, the headaches are becoming less”

Peter McInally, Trilect Services
"Now that our website is live, we are getting 8-10 of our ideal leads each week. Now we choose the jobs we want to do and are booked out 7 months in advance.”
Russell Clark,  Licensed Renovations
"Since working with Marti we have managed to scale high, winning Westpac Small Business of the Year last year.”

Sanjesh Lal, Keola Homes
The computers are turned off at 5pm every night... heaps more free time and I can’t stress how valuable that is.
The number one thing I would have learnt would be how important systems in place really are, and to also set goals so stick by.

Brian & Jenny Lofroth, Lofroth Builders
"We now have 15 staff and will keep on growing since we have put theses procedures and systems in place, everything is becoming a lot easier, the headaches are becoming less”

Tim Cain, Cain Built
I've bought a commercial office, have a new website pumping, got my time back to spend with the family & now trying to get some serious juice from the business”

Brendon Sowerby, Next Level Construct
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$497+gst (FULL PRICE)
Early Bird $295+gst (*Until Friday, Nov 24th)
*SPECIAL for TidyBuild &
The Professional Builder VIP List
PLUS Bring another Team member for FREE
Or Call Us Now if you have any questions 
(09) 368 1036
NB: The room at Villa Maria only holds 65 people - and Our Last Three Workshops Sold Out...
1 Epic Day. And the Clock is Ticking...
Because the workshop is so hands-on, seats are limited too. The rooms only hold 65 people...
Auckland, New Zealand
Friday 1st December
Villa Maria Estate Vineyard
118 Mongomerie Road
Mangere, Auckland
In Association With...
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