Live One Day Training for Experienced* Building Company Owners Only
The Builders Blueprint to Pricing for Profit and Understanding Your Financials...
Where 20% Gross Profit on all of your jobs is a Promise... not a Marketing Gimmick. 
Earn More Profit. Work Less Hours. Enjoy More Freedom. 
*You must earn - or be on track to earning - at least $300k in Turnover in your Building Company this year in order to attend.
For more details, keep reading...
Dear Building Company Owner, 

Here's a very real problem in your industry: Too many of you are competing on price. Your Business hits a "Turnover Ceiling", often around the Break-Even mark, and you don't know how to get out of the race to the bottom...

Does this resonate with you?

You spend hours on your nights and weekends pricing jobs, only to lose the work to other Companies who were willing to price it at a cheaper rate. 

Or worse - you're the company who's willing to price your jobs at a lower price than all of your competitors, just to get the job and keep your guys busy...

And each month (and year) is a carbon copy of the last, where by the end of the job you realise you've only made pennies on the dollar...

So you then do what the rest of the competition does... you work harder.

You work longer hours expecting to bring in more money.
And I completely get it... You were taught how to be a Builder.

But no one taught you how to be a Business Owner - and that's where your difficulties lie. 

Today, you're "whacking 10%" on all of your jobs, not realising that your Gross Profit is your number #1 indicator of how well your Building Company is performing. And what you're doing is actually hurting the reputation of your Building Company.

You don't want to be known as the go to builder because you're cheap. You want to be the go to Builder because you position yourselves better than anyone else in the industry.

That's what I've always taught.

And that's what my current BPM Members live by. 
How do things look in the BPM Community? Here are some real life examples:
  •  Ross Collins from BRS Limited used our proven pricing resources and found an extra $88K in Profit in his first year...
  •  Within just 6 months of jumping on board, Mathew and Carrie Staples from Repair and Restore included an extra $2.7M of booked jobs in their pipeline
  •  In just 18 months on board, Tamati Hawea from Premier Renovations took his company from $700k in Turnover, to $6.7M
  •  And then there's last years BPM Member of the Year winners, Brian and Jenny Lofroth from Lofroth Builders Ltd. In 24 months, Brian went from turning over $800k a year, to now a projected $10M for 2017
That's Just A Few Examples Of Many.
And you might be thinking... " This all sounds great, but my situation is so different. It will never work for me".
And if that's what your thinking is. If that's something you truly believe... then maybe this workshop isn't for you. Hence why I have strict conditions for people who aren't members, and want to attend the Builders Blueprint to Pricing for Profit and Understanding Your Financials workshop.

You need to be a Building Company Owner, with a sustainable company. That's why I've set the entry requirement at $300K in Turnover - that's a good benchmark. You need to have a service you're proud of, that delivers results your clients stand by. 

I can't do this work with beginners. If you've just started your own company, then I'm sorry but this isn't for you. 

If you fall into that category, we do have something else you may be interested in - get in touch for more info. Otherwise, please do come back when you think you're ready to take your Business to the next level.

BUT If you are making $300K in Turnover, but need some guidance on how you can make a minimum 20% Gross Profit on all of your jobs, keep reading, and book your spot at the next one day event with our Members.
I'm Marti Amos,

For the last 13 years I've been helping (500+) Building Company Owners grow their business, improve their systems, and make more profit. 

We do this through our BPM Community - where the best Builders in the industry learn the Business Skills they were never taught to grow their own Profitable, and Predictable Building Companies. 

I'm proud to say that we have done this across NZ, Australia, Canada and The United States.
When you register for The Builders Workshop, you'll learn side-by-side with our members, EXACTLY how to price jobs for a decent profit. You're going to walk away with a MUCH better understanding of Your Numbers, providing you with more clarity as a business owner. 

But maybe most importantly, you'll learn how to build a Building Company that gives you the ability to live the lifestyle you want, with the freedom that comes with owning a successful business. 

And while the life that you want may be unique, you can live that lifestyle because you're going to have a ton of time to do it!
Sneak Peak.
Here's what happens after you've come to the workshop...
Increase your margins. Increase your freedom. 
Give me one day, and we'll turn your Building Company into a business that doubles your income, and increases your freedom. 
You see, Four times a year, we run 1 day intensive workshops exclusively for our members. The elite Building Company Owners in the industry come together to discuss what's working right now with our team. But we don't just learn. We do.

It's not so much a seminar room... but a work room. For one intensive day, I roll up my sleeves to help Building Company Owners take their Business to the next level. In this version, my members and I will:
  •  Discuss the 2 systems the top 5% of Building Companies are using to price jobs properly, for a decent profit
  •  Understand the difference between Markup and Margin... and why just "putting 10% On it" is actually hurting your business
  •  Learn how to include a minimum charge for Variations, and how this can be done smoothly and without hassle
The main idea of it all is for you to understand how to still make money when you step off the tools... That's the biggest challenge most of our members face. 

The Builders Blueprint Seminar is usually Member Only, but I wanted to leave the door open for Building Company Owners who fit the criteria to attend. If you're one of them, and have challenges in your Pricing and lack clarity in your Financials, then I'll be happy to have you at the One Day Workshop on Friday, 1st September. 

BPM Members - My Clients - would usually pay upwards of $1500 to attend a full day training like this with me. But because you're not a member, I don't know you, and I have confidence that you'll want to work together down the track, I'm placing the price at $297 + gst... Tickets will go back to the normal price after the 28th of August.

These events do fill up obviously - with most of our members attending - so I'm setting the limit at 12 seats for Non-Members. Be in quick to secure your spot. 

Come. Learn. Do.

If you attend, love it, and need more, you'll know what to do. If you attend, want to take what you learn and implement it on your own - that's cool too! There will be no hard feelings.

The one thing I do ask: If you sign up, then show up. As I say, I'm limiting the amount of non BPM Members, so I don't want any empty seats that could have been filled by someone else. 
Come Prepared.
You're going to get checklists, templates, systems and resources sent to you before you attend, so we can dive straight into the future of your Building Company... 
We've already spoken about the event itself. And if you're planning on attending the day, there will be some prep you need to do. I want you to come ready to go. Ready to implement. 

... So when you do register, you'll get access to the essential BPM trainings. 

I'll be sure to get the team to send these out long before the seminar, so you have plenty of time to go through them. I want you to be as prepared as possible, so that you stand out amongst our Members. 

  •  You'll uncover all the gaps in your Building Company that we'll need to fill 
  •  You'll get clear on your current situation, and what you want your Building Company to look like in a years time
  •  And you'll also get access to our Case Studies, so you can see the type of results our Members have generated, and how you too can become one of them

...This way, we won't need to cover any "beginners content". By the time the workshop rolls around, you'll be ready to jump straight into implementing the Pricing Strategies and Financial Systems your Building Company needs. 
Great Builder ----> Great Businessmen
Here's what you'll work on at The Builders Blueprint Workshop
Markup vs Margin
You'll learn what the difference is, and why "Putting 10% On It" is hurting your Building Company.
Pricing For Profit
Gross Profit is the #1 Indicator of how well your Building Company is performing. Win jobs even when you're not the lowest price.
Find Financial Clarity
Backcost every job correctly, have consistent cash-flow, and workout the best way to charge for variations. 
Talk of the Town.
Here's what other Builders have said about previous workshops. 
Million Dollar Builder Workshop
Villa Maria Estate, Auckland
Alvin Chisnall - 
Certified Home Extensions
John Mills - 
J L Mills Builders
Troy Davy -
Davy Construction
Sting Chen - 
Henry Brown
Your Expert Guest Speakers.
Who they are. What they do. What you'll get.
Peter Chen... Licensed Renovations
Expert QS
Peter is an expert Quantity Surveyor who will be sharing his knowledge on how to effectively, and efficiently, Price Renovations!

He has 13 years overseas commercial QS and Project Management Experience, but has now been in New Zealand for 14 years. Working for one of, if not the top Renovation Companies in the country, his experience is second to none!

What he's going to cover and bring to you:

- Checklists you can plug straight into your business before the Renovation Pricing Process begins... saving you time and money, ensuring you pick the right clients and projects to price.

- Preliminary Budget Service... building trust, increase the quality of your sales, and secure a healthy margin and profit on every job. 

- His Renovation Pricing Process... including the site visit, establish the scope of work, managing the risks involved, and how he goes about variation management.
Maria Cole... ESL
"Providing accurate schedules with quick turnaround times"
Maria is the Managing Director of an Industry Influencer who provide building material schedules to all the major players in the Building Industry.

A New Zealand owned and operated company - their focus is in providing accurate schedules with quick turnaround times!

The insight you will get from Maria is how they prepare these schedules, and what you can do as Building Company Owners to make these more of what you want... 

Giving you more control and clarity over the process. 
Glenn Morris... Trade Worx
The critical success factors toward high performance
Glenn is the Managing Director of one of the most used Software Integration and Technology Training Company's that specialises in solutions for the Construction Industry throughout New Zealand and Australia...

The range of experience Glenn has is huge - from having a trade background, owning several trades businesses, to working as an advisor in the SME sector and for the Government, the knowledge this speaker is going to bring to the workshop is going to change your Building Company for good. 

Specifically, what he's going to focus on...

- The critical success factors that differentiate high performing businesses, from those that don't do so well...
- The impact software has on project performance, and business profit.
- The impact all of this has on staff satisfaction and retention. 
Jeremy Wilson... Enable Business
Developing peace of mind through your cashflow
How would you feel if you had peace of mind knowing that your cash flow requirements for the next 12 months are adequately funded? Jeremy is going to share with you the importance of Business Planning, understanding Cash Flow in your Business, and ideas on how you can get freedom back into your life!

Jeremy is going to talk through ideas on how to achieve the three freedoms in business:

- Day to day pressures - mind freedom
- Spend less time analysing bank accounts, and more time on your building company - time freedom.
- Improving your cash flow - financial freedom.

The diverse background in the accounting industry gives Jeremy the perfect knowledge to help you grow a profitable Building Company. Like all of you, he is a business owner so understands first hand the challenges you face as you balance the growth of your business!
Lester Bryant... ASQS
The pitfalls of poor pricing methodologies, and how to avoid them. 
Lester Bryant personifies a Pragmatic Thinker. With over 30 years experience in Business Systems Development, he has worked with over 300 Building Companies, and has dealt with in excess of 2000 Builders.

His fortes include:

- Quantity Surveying
- Estimating
- And Project Management Software

He will be discussing the pitfalls of poor pricing methodologies, when you should chose to use a QS, and the key things to look for in a good QS...

Plus, a bunch of nitty-gritty insights he'd like to share that he's come across in his 30 years of crushing the game!
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